Why The Sufferfest and Dig Deep?

Cycling training is a precise science.  The usual style of just getting on a bike and riding as hard as you can for as long as you can reaps only limited benefits.  There is much more to consider such as varying leg speed (cadence), intensity and duration of a ride.  Cycling indoors on a stationary trainer provides a controlled environment for training … but it can be extremely tedious and boring at times.

The Sufferfest has come up with interesting videos of real cycling races accompanied by motivational music, all based around structured cycling training exercises.  The videos are aimed at time-constrained cyclists – those that cannot afford to spend the whole day on the bike because of work or studies.  As a result the sessions tend to be short and high intensity, making the rider to “suffer” in the process – The Sufferfest.

Scientific tests and anecdotal evidence has show that this type of training can produce significant performance improvement.  Currently there are 17 different videos available, which can be purchased an downloaded from anywhere in the world.

Our team uses The Sufferfest videos in conjunction with training plans from Dig Deep Coaching.  The Dig Deep team have a wealth of experience in coaching various disciplines of cycling, running, triathlon and swimming.  Their philosophy is that everyone – whether a pro or a beginner – can benefit greatly from structured and monitored training plans.

The Sufferfest-ACE Lesotho MTB Team will be using Dig Deep Coaching Plans based on The Sufferfest videos to make our riders stronger and faster for the upcoming races.

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