UCI Marathon Series – Clarens race report

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Clarens MTB startACE-The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team Riders took to the start of the 120km UCI World Marathon Series race in Clarens, South Africa.

The team instructions at the start of such an ultra-marathon event, could have been to set a conservative pace, but we are making an effort to be much more competitive at the head of the race.  The team has been improving race pace through race simulation on The Sufferfest training videos and the hard work is paying off.

Phetetso Monese and Teboho Khantsi were able to stay up with the leading bunch for quite some time and when they passed the half-way stage at 60km they were still only a few minutes back.  However, the early exertion took its toll and for the latter half of the race, survival mode kicked in.

Cold start to Clarens UCI World Marathon Series

Cold start to Clarens MTB World Marathon

Both riders managed to finish the 120km course, which is a feat in itself and we are very encouraged by the competitive spirit they showed at the start.  With such determination, it will not be long until we see them staying up with the leaders for the whole race.

The race was won by South African Nico Bell, followed closely by German rider Karl Platt and Erik Kleynhans.

20 year-old Tseko Shelile also competed in the ordinary marathon 75km race.


Phetetso Monese 120km: time 6:45:57 position 33
Teboho Khantsi 120km: time 7:31:06 position 55
Tseko Shelile 75km: time  4:23:45 position 15th (u23)

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