Spur Schools MTB Race

The Sufferfest ACE Lesotho Mountain Bike MTB Team News

The first round of the 2014 Spur Schools MTB Series was held at Lesotho National Olympic Grounds at Lepereng, Maseru on 22/03/2014.

The Sufferfest-ACE Lesotho Team was out in force to support the event.  Junior riders, Malefetsane Lesofe and Patrick “Success” Manasi dominated the racing in their category, proving their continued progress in performance through the team.

The racing was aimed at age categories up to 18 years so older team members took to the course as marshals.  It was such a thrill for young aspiring Lesotho riders to see their heroes watching them at the course.  12 year-old Eric Ramohanoe, who won the under 14 category shouted “You see, I’m just like you!” at national marathon champion Phetetso every time he passed him.  I have no doubt that little Eric will one day be as good, or even better than his hero, with the continued support of the team and our sponsors.

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