Limar Helmets Ultralight+ Review

Our team riders have been wearing Limar Ultralight+ helmets for training and racing for a full two years now.

These really are beautifully designed Italian helmets – conceived for use in road racing, but equally adept to performance mountain biking.  We have worn Ultralight+ at World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games and the helmets look and perform to the highest standards.  This style of helmet is available in a range of colours and the red/white scheme matches our team kit perfectly.

The next feature that we appreciated is the feather-like weight of the helmets.  All of our riders use small/ medium size, which tips the weighing scale at just 175g – apparently it is the world’s lightest helmet.  The helmet is so light that it feels like nothing and we have had a couple of embarrassing moments where riders have turned up to the start line not realising that they have left their helmet in the kit bag.

Thankfully, the light weight design still adheres to the strictest safety standards.  In the sport of MTB, crashes are a part of life and our riders have frequently found themselves over the bars in spectacular falls.  However, we have fortunately not been in a situation to test the Ultralight+ to its limits – but have confidence that they will pass the test.

The only feature of the design that does not work for mountain biking is the little aerofoil at the top of the helmet.  On almost all our team helmets the aerofoil has broken off over time after hitting a low-lying tree branch or a tumble off the bike.  The thin outer shell remains in place, but the inner moulding easily succumbs to the strike.  This is only aesthetic and is barely noticeable – it does not affect the helmet performance at all and should not deter anyone from buying this style.

The team riders have worn the helmets in the extremes of temperature and climate.  Lesotho experiences heavy snowfall in winter and we have comfortably worn the helmets in sub-zero conditions.  Likewise, summers can be extremely hot and the generous vents in the Ultralight+ allow for lots of cooling air to pass through to the rider.  Lesotho does not suffer from many flying insects, but it is comforting to know that the helmet has netting to avoid any pests getting in to disturb the rider.

Alongside the great design of the helmets, we have also been very pleased with the customer service we have experienced with Limar Helmets.  We have only experienced one minor issue with Ultrafit+ system and customer service replaced the part very quickly.  We were also delighted when Limar offered to send a custom helmet for our Olympian, Phetetso Monese, to wear at Rio 2016.  This kind of attention to detail demonstrates great customer devotion at the company.

In summary, we are very impressed with Limar Helmets.  They are a well-established company with some great teams using their helmets, and are on the cutting edge of new designs and technology.  We hope that our partnership with Limar will continue long into the future.

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