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Your club subscription makes a huge difference to each team rider and helps each one of them to live out their dream of Mountain Biking at the highest level, by: –

  • Providing a basic subsistence allowance to help them feed their families and get the nutrition they need from a balanced diet. (the current allowance ranges between $80-$100 USD per month)
  • ŸHelping to supply and maintain their cycling equipment. We get some product support from the cycling industry, but we all know how expensive it is to keep our bikes in racing shape.
  • Access to races. Most of the racing we do is in South Africa and we are very happy to camp in tents just to get the opportunity to race.
The basic annual subscription is $22.50. Payment is online and secure through Paypal.

Look out for some upgrade #DreamMakers’ Club packages soon in partnership with some of our sponsoring brands.

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We have reserved space on our 2018 Official Team Jersey to print the names of ten (10) supporters through our special VIP Package Option.  In addition to your name on the actual jerseys that the team riders will wear for the entire season, we will also send each of our VIP Package members one of the jerseys as a memento.

The VIP Package is available at the extremely audacious price of $349 and is strictly limited to ten (10) lucky people.  Visit to join.

Sponsor the team with you own individual contribution or funds raised from a club fundraiser.

We love the interaction we get from individual fans and clubs.  Many of our #DreamMakers have asked how they can make a contribution to the team’s equipment or monthly subsistence allowances for riders.  We have provided a link to PayPal.Me where you can make your own individual contribution to the team or forward funds raised in a club fundraiser.

We appreciate any and all contributions and will endeavour to ensure that the funds are directed according to your wishes.