Our First Win of Many!

The Sufferfest ACE Lesotho Mountain Bike MTB Team News Last Saturday, the ACE-The Sufferfest Lesotho MTB Team scored its first victory on foreign soil. It wasn’t at the UCI World Cup in Albstadt where the cream of world XCO riders were assembling, but the humble town of Bothaville for the Free-State XCO Series. Free-State Cycling had

Spur Schools MTB Race

The Sufferfest ACE Lesotho Mountain Bike MTB Team News The first round of the 2014 Spur Schools MTB Series was held at Lesotho National Olympic Grounds at Lepereng, Maseru on 22/03/2014. The Sufferfest-ACE Lesotho Team was out in force to support the event.  Junior riders, Malefetsane Lesofe and Patrick “Success” Manasi dominated the racing in their

Why The Sufferfest and Dig Deep?

Cycling training is a precise science.  The usual style of just getting on a bike and riding as hard as you can for as long as you can reaps only limited benefits.  There is much more to consider such as varying leg speed (cadence), intensity and duration of a ride.  Cycling indoors on a stationary

Powered By Unitrans

UNITRANS is one of the biggest supply chain providers in Southern Africa and they also have a big heart. Their motive for supporting our team is not to see their name up in lights on the world stage, but because they can see the role that cycling is playing in transforming lives here in Lesotho.

What is a UCI MTB Team?

The Union Cycliste International licences teams worldwide to participate in international cycling competitions.  In the mountain bike (off-road) discipline there are two levels of international teams – UCI Elite MTB Team and UCI MTB Team. UCI Elite MTB Teams are selected from the top 15 mountain bike teams in the world.  This is the premier