Progress So Far 1620$
Goal 3000$

Help Us Get To The African Championships

The 2017 African Mountain Bike Championships will be held in Mauritius from 9-14 May 2017.  It sounds like an excuse for an excursion to an exotic island, but these championships are crucial to us in our preparations for Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With less than 1 month until the competition begins, we have decided to initiate a fundraiser to make sure we do not miss out.  We still remember the pain of missing the 2015 championships in Rwanda.

We will offer our fans a chance to contribute with some team kit on offer for those who want to splash out a bit more.

We are offering a Retro version of our first team jersey for a contribution of £80 from Pactimo’s Continental range of clothing, featuring comfort construction and competition-level fabrics.

We are also very proud to offer the latest 2017 Pro Team kit – jersey and bibs for a contribution of £200.  These are the actual clothing worn by our riders and are from Pactimo’s Ascent range for Pro riders.  These garments not only offer race-fit, but include all the essentials for long-distance comfort and durability.

Of course, there is also an option to contribute without receiving any of these items for those who already have a closet full of cycling kits.  All contributors will be acknowledged and names will be incorporated into our African Dream Team logo.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for the order to be completed.

Help Us Get To African Champs

£200 PRO TEAM FULL KIT (shipping and handling included)


2017 Pro Team Kit – featuring jersey and bib shorts from Pactimo’s Ascent range of Pro Team clothing.  These are the actual items and design used by the team riders for 2017 season. Jersey and Bibs also available as separate items. (free shipping)

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£80 RETRO JERSEY (shipping and handling included)

This is a replica of our first Pro Team jersey from 2014.  It is still very popular for those who prefer a pure retro look, without becoming a billboard for all our sponsors.  The jersey is from Pactimo’s Continental range, featuring comfort and quality fabrics. (free shipping)

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IF you don’t want another jersey in your closet, but would love to support the team with any amount – you can do so using the following link.