The African Dream Team is a UCI MTB Team with a difference. The purpose of the team is to identify cycling talent from the developing nations of Africa, particularly Lesotho and give those riders an opportunity to cycle on the world’s biggest MTB stages. We have a proven record of seeing young riders aspiring to big dreams, developing self-confidence and rising above the poverty and hopelessness that they were born into. Four of the current team members have lost either one or both parents, which is not uncommon in a continent with such a high HIV/AIDS rate.

Why African Dream Team?

We are not trying to be presumptuous by claiming that our team is the best ever formed (Dream Team), but we this team is really making dreams come true for these young African cyclists.  Without the help that we get from our great pool of sponsors (we call the Dream Makers) our riders would not be able to pursue their cycling ambitions.



Riders: We are committed to showcasing the talent of African cyclists on the international stage and providing each aspiring rider with a positive and safe environment to develop to their full potential in the sport of cycling, whilst at the same time inspiring the next generation of riders to take up the sport.
Partners: We are committed to providing our partners and sponsors with a unique platform to promote products, services and social responsibility and to be loyal, industrious and inventive in our approach bringing our partners unrivalled value for investment.

  • To see the team represented in at least 15 international quality races in 2016 .
  • To qualify for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
  • To prepare a competitive team for 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • To win at least 3 National Championship titles.
  • To initiate a grass-roots development programme for children, involving at least 100 local children.
  • To provide 365 day media coverage through website, Facebook and Twitter.


The Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho
Lesotho has great potential to produce good MTB riders. It has earned the hashtag #MountainBikeKingdom because of its high altitude, mountain topography and climate. Basotho people have a naturally good power to rate ratio and high VO2 max. There is justified optimism to believe that Lesotho can produce world class athletes in the future if given the right support.

We are not just another charity case. This team is bridging the gap between social upliftment and a Pro Team endorsement. Our results speak for themselves.
We stand out from the rest of the crowd and are dedicated to be great brand ambassadors. The polite and courteous upbringing of our riders leads them to be natural appreciative and loyal ambassadors.
History of Success
We have already succeeded in becoming the first indigenous (black) African team to be licensed as an International Cycling Union MTB Team and to compete in World Cup/ World Championship level competition. Having one of our riders at the RIO 2016 Olympic Games was proof that we are making progress and we are now building towards Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.